Thermomix’s ® incredible versatility has always reflected its intelligent, innovative design and attention to detail. With the TM5, we have reinvented simplicity once more.

The latest Thermomix ® brings the kitchen appliance into the digital age with an innovative touchscreen display that offers both recipe guidance and simple, intuitive controls for operating its many functions with just the touch of a finger. Another smart feature comes in the form of Recipe Chips, which are clever, interchangeable storage devices that hold a collection of brilliant recipes in digital form that you can browse and follow step by step on your Thermomix ® screen.

Thermomix also has innovative features, such as locking bars to make the lid easier to open and close during operation, and electronic motor protection to protect against overheating. Thermomix ® also features a unique temperature control to ensure food is cooked to perfection each and every time.

All these innovative and practical features, combined with industry-leading energy performance, make Thermomix ® the undisputed champion in the kitchen!