col_img_4_3_Thermomix_demo_party-0005Caring for our customers is a high priority for us, and as an owner of a Thermomix ®, you can expect the very best support and advice throughout the long life of your appliance.

Thermomix ® is famous for its quality and longevity, but if anything does happen to it, you can rely on our excellent technical support and efficient provision of spare parts and replacement accessories.

It is just as important to us that you continue to enjoy and experience all the cooking benefits of owning a Thermomix ® too. This is why we have created a number of ways to explore, share and discover new recipes with online user communities and social media tools like Facebook. We also hold exclusive Cooking Classes so you can continue to learn about and explore new culinary possibilities in the world of Thermomix ®.




Customer care is at the heart of our company.


Our Facebook page lets users meet, socialise and share ideas, news and opinions.


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Cooking classes will inspire you to use your Thermomix daily.